Going from computer novice to computer guru, with help from Microsoft Virtual Academy

Justin Durrant was headed down a tough path. He liked to learn, and was a good student. But his penchant for getting into trouble led him to quit school in the eighth grade. And for a while, he moved between the homes of friends and family members.

It was Durrant’s interest in computers that helped turn him around. He’s 35 now, and has a good job with Best Buy in Minnesota, leading the company’s migration from legacy Microsoft Windows 2003 servers to Windows Server 2012. He went back to school and earned a community college degree in networking, and says the ongoing education he has received through courses from the Microsoft Virtual Academy has helped a great deal.

“A lot of those classes are self-paced, which is how I learn best,” he says. “You can dig deeper than in instructor-based courses, which usually are more structured.”

Read more about Durrant’s story – and share your own — by heading over to Microsoft’s Born to Learn Success Stories site.

Suzanne Choney
Microsoft News Center Staff

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