New additions to the Indie Game Spotlight include ‘The Bridge’ and ‘The Veil’

Every month, the Indie Game Spotlight in the Windows and Windows Phone Stores feature new additions from independent developers. New and recent titles in the latest group include a 2D logic puzzle game, a mini-submarine adventure through icy caverns and a strategy game that pits you against an imperial army.

The Bridge” forces players to reevaluate the laws of physics and perspective. Instead, channel the spirit of M.C. Escher. As you explore 48 thought-provoking puzzles – each one resembling a hand-drawn, black-and-white lithograph – get ready for some deep thoughts and eureka moments. Manipulate gravity to redefine how things relate, wander through impossible architecture and consider the effects of parallel dimensions.

You’ll also find “The Veil” and “Total Defense 3D” in the Windows Phone Store. In the former, plug in your headphones for an ambient soundtrack and immerse yourself in a beautiful and daunting ocean world. In the latter, you’re the only hope to free the inhabitants of a faraway galaxy from a cruel tyrant.

Find more games and apps in the Indie Game Spotlight in the Windows Phone Store and the Collections spotlight in the Windows Store.

Athima Chansanchai
Microsoft News Center Staff

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