We’re listening: Customer feedback results in upcoming changes to Visual Studio Online licensing

Two licensing changes are coming to Visual Studio Online in mid-August as a result of customer feedback, writes Brian Harry, product unit manager for Team Foundation Server, in a blog post.

First, “Any VS Online account will be able to have an unlimited number of ‘Stakeholder’ users with access to functionality” of several features, including full read/write/create on all work items and being able to view project and team home pages, at no charge.

Second, access to the Test hub has expanded. During the Visual Studio Online Preview period, all users had access to the Test hub. But, at the end of the early adopter program, the only way to get access to the Test hub was by purchasing Visual Studio Test Professional with MSDN (or one of the other products that include it, like VS Premium or VS Ultimate).

“We got ample feedback that there were a class of users who really only need access to the Web-based Test functionality and don’t need all that’s in VS Test Professional,” Harry writes.

“Because of this, we’ve decided to include access to all of the Test hub functionality in the Visual Studio Online Advanced plan.”

To read more about the licensing changes, head over to Brian Harry’s blog.

Suzanne Choney
Microsoft News Center Staff

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