#ICreatedThis: Artist and 3D modelling pro takes design to the next level

Artist and 3D modelling pro Julian Mayor gives a whole new meaning to design. Inspired to explore the boundaries between an original and an identical copy of an object, Mayor created a “Clone Chair” using Microsoft technology. Based on a Queen Anne chair from the collection of the Metropolitan museum in New York, Mayor’s creation was sampled, digitized and recreated in plywood, and then manipulated using an Xbox controller.

“It’s the combination of a high-tech design process with a craft-based approach to making that makes each piece unique,” says Mayor. Check out more of his work at www.julianmayor.com.


Julian Mayor is featured on the Microsoft Facebook Page in #ICreatedThis, an ongoing series that showcases people doing interesting things at Microsoft and with Microsoft technology.  Know someone else doing something amazing? Tweet us @Microsoft using the #ICreatedThis hashtag or email the story to cmgsocial@microsoft.com.

Rob Wolf
Microsoft News Center Staff