Staff App Pick: Find out if you’re a good fit for that dream job with the Good.Co app for Windows

Each week, we bring you new app recommendations from our colleagues. This Staff App Pick comes from Chris Bernard, a partner business evangelist in the Developer Experience Group at Microsoft.


You just finished an interview for your dream job and you hit a home run. The hiring manager seems to like you and the team looks passionate and driven. But how do you know you’ll fit in with the corporate and team culture? The Good.Co app for Windows may be able to help you figure out that very question.

Good.Co is a self-discovery engine and social network that enables users to discover their personality type and find their compatibility score with friends, peers, jobs and companies. It’s based on decades of academic research on psychometrics.


Here’s how it works. After you download the app, you’ll sign in via Facebook or LinkedIn (or manually) and take a personality test that helps identify your strengths and weaknesses. Then, you can explore your own personal network and find the right personality fit with prospective employers. With this information, you can learn how to work more effectively in your current job – or learn about new opportunities that are going to make you happier.

Check out the Good.Co app in the Windows Store today and find the next great career opportunity.

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