Battling dehydration on the pitch: The Internet of Things helps soccer teams monitor energy drink consumption

You know how easy it is to get dehydrated playing sports, and energy drinks are a huge help. Even better is being able to measure how much of that drink a player has to make sure they’re getting the hydration they need.

The Windows Embedded team notes a story on PSFK about one team’s use of special Gatorade bottles at the world’s premier soccer event that are equipped with sensors to track how much each player drinks. The information is then sent in real time to coaches and trainers, who are able to view and track the information via a hydration tracking app.

It’s “an illustration of how wide-reaching this technology can be— here right now, enabling peak performance from elite athletes, so that we IoT engineers can take a break once in a while and just watch a really good match.” You can watch a video about the Gatorade bottles here; and read more about Microsoft’s vision for the Internet of Your Things here.

To learn more, head over to the Windows Embedded Blog.

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Suzanne Choney

Microsoft News Center Staff

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