Staff App Pick: Discover the world of 3-D printing with the MakerBot Thingiverse app for Windows

Each week, we bring you new app recommendations from our colleagues. This Staff App Pick comes from Joe Cleaver, a partner business evangelist in the Developer Platform and Evangelism Group at Microsoft.


If you’re gonzo for 3-D printing, then you have to check out the new MakerBot Thingiverse app for Windows. The app gives you access to MakerBot’s Thingiverse, a design community for discovering, making and sharing 3D printable things (hence the name Thingiverse.)

The app lets you browse Thingiverse and see what’s new and noteworthy, what the community has made and what’s popular. You can scroll through beautiful image slideshows, like items, add them to your collections, and quickly share them via your social networks or email.

Here’s a little background for those unfamiliar with 3-D printing – what it is, what you can do and so forth. According to Wikipedia, 3-D Printing is the process of creating a physical, three-dimensional object from a computer model, through additive manufacturing (layering melted plastic, metal or what have you, into the form of the object).


Sounds geeky, right? Think of it this way, if I wanted a new chess set, with a 3D printer, I can “print” the pieces instead of going to the store! Now that sounds pretty cool.

Check out MakerBot’s Thingiverse app in the Windows Store and start discovering all of the fantastic things you can 3-D print today!

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