InstantGo: How your device gets a better snooze than in sleep or standby mode

InstantGo in Windows 8.1, also known as Connected Standby in Windows 8 and Windows RT, replaced the traditional sleep or standby function in many Windows 8.1 and Windows RT 8.1 systems. But what you might not know is how InstantGo is fundamentally different and better, writes Kevin A Chin in a post on the Windows Experience Blog.

InstantGo “maintains network connectivity when your screen is off in standby mode, allowing the system to update things in the background, and keeping it ready to instantly resume,” he writes. “For example, it can sync your email while your screen is off so new mail is ready and waiting as soon as you come back. Or if you want to be reachable via Skype even when you step away from your PC, you can go ahead and turn the screen off, and your calls will still come through. Power consumption in this connected standby mode is very low, and yet the system is always ready to spring back to life with your next interaction.”

Learn more about InstantGo by heading over to the Windows Experience Blog.

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Suzanne Choney
Microsoft News Center Staff

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