‘State of Decay’ is anything but rotten it moves into the future (Hint: Xbox One)

Jun 9, 2014

When “State of Decay” from Undead Labs launched a year ago today, the massive, open-world zombie survival game sold more than 700,00 copies in its first month on Xbox Live, making it one of the fastest-selling titles to ever hit the platform. Now, in an interview on Xbox Wire, Undead Labs founder Jeff Strain indicates the game will also be coming to Xbox One.

Earlier this year, “We announced a long term, multi-title partnership with Microsoft Studios to continue our collaboration on ‘State of Decay,’ ”Strain says in the interview. The game has been hailed by players and critics alike as one of the most daring, unique and engrossing survival adventures of its generation.

To read the entire Q-and-A, head over to Xbox Wire.

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Suzanne Choney
Microsoft News Center Staff

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