Redknee showcases partnership with Microsoft at Telemanagement Forum

Jun 2, 2014

On the Microsoft Vertical Industries blog, Redknee CTO Jim DeMarco shares how his company’s longstanding strategic partnership with Microsoft highlights the live-time nature of the connected customer experience.

“Everything in telecommunications has gone live-time,” DeMarco writes. “Long-planned, carefully scripted marketing campaigns and customer business operations for Communications Service Providers (CSPs) have become irrelevant thanks to smart devices, consumers who are constantly online and information that is easily accessed over the Internet.” 

Redknee and Microsoft decided to showcase their mutual portfolios in a common presentation at the Telemanagement Forum in France to highlight the former’s business support systems (BSS) and the latter’s suite of real time retail, CRM and analytics software.

“Our partnership brings together the best of both worlds: scalable, agile, easy to use software that enables the CSP to keep up with their customers,” DeMarco writes. To read the rest of his post, head over to the Microsoft Vertical Industries blog.

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Athima Chansanchai
Microsoft News Center Staff

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