‘Data smart’ strategies for customers are yielding ‘early but impressive returns’

May 22, 2014

Microsoft recently sponsored an IDC study to look at companies worldwide to better understand what steps by “data smart” manufacturing organizations yielded the best outcomes in terms of growth and efficiency. The result, a whopping $371 billion, is the potential net value of what is referred to as the “data dividend” over a four-year period for the manufacturing sector.

“From smart factories that build a car body every 77 seconds, to heavy equipment manufacturers using the cloud to analyze data for predictive maintenance, to ISVs building new revenue opportunities off the data flood from smart meters, our customers’ ‘data-smart’ strategies are yielding early but impressive returns across the high-value areas identified in the IDC study (employee productivity, operational efficiency, product innovation and better customer engagement models),” writes Sanjay Ravi on the Microsoft Vertical Industries blog.

“In doing so, they’re already part of a small but growing band of global data leaders in the manufacturing sector looking to tap the $371 billion data dividend opportunity.”

To read more, head over to the Microsoft Vertical Industries Blog.

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Suzanne Choney
Microsoft News Center Staff

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