Staff App Pick: Gojee. Gorgeous.

Mar 13, 2014

Each week, we bring you new app recommendations from our colleagues. This week’s Thursday Staff App Pick comes from Tereza Nemessanyi, a partner business evangelist in Developer and Platform Evangelism at Microsoft.

I’m a wife and mom of two, with a high-pressure job. And I have a confession: I hardly ever cook. I have just one recipe in my walkabout repertoire (my mom’s chicken paprikash). I do love to eat, however.

I also have an active fantasy about food and cooking that rivals any suburban mom’s. I dream that my kitchen repertoire is broader. I’m neutral as to whether I do anything about it. When it comes to food apps, recipe encyclopedias that list all the things I don’t cook leave me cold. I need my food app to transport me to an alternate reality. No guilt, no pressure to perform. I need food porn.

Gojee delivers, gorgeously.


Now that you’re a user, it’s time to meander. Open the app to be plunked (BOOM) into a seriously delicious dish. This morning, I was dropped directly into a chocolate-almond torte. (HEART!)

Browse randomly for the element of surprise, or adjust your lens of focus, to expand (e.g. to include drinks), to narrow to a category (e.g., dessert) or a filtered list (e.g., new or popular), or zoom in on a curated collection. Very simple – no clutter. Just the right balance.

Each photo can be enjoyed on its own merits, but let’s be honest – if it’s great, you’ll be enticed to dig deeper. Touch “Ingredients” to get a quick sense of what you’ll need – and select any you’d like to add to a shopping list. (Convenient!) Now touch “Recipe” to learn what’s involved. In the Windows 8 app, this snaps into a split screen with Gojee’s original on the left, and the recipe, sourced by a partner website, on the right. This is pretty awesome – I can be actionable, yet still keep an eye on the prize, which is achieving the perfection depicted in that gorgeous photo. Too often, I start reading a recipe and then forget why I dug in to begin with. Not in Gojee.

A simple Search bar located at top center invites you to focus your mission. Eager to trump the curators, I enter “chicken paprikash” – which as far as I know is the un-trendiest dish on the planet. Up pops a mouth-watering “paprikash csirke with dumplings,” powered by partner recipe site Rice & Wheat. Whoosh – I’m sensing the spirit of my dear late mom swoop down for a visit. My eyes water.


I touch “More Like This” for other ideas. This instance serves up an aromatic lentil tart. Intriguing. Or I can touch Rice & Wheat for more recipes from this publisher. Interesting, I’d never heard of Rice & Wheat before.

But wait, FOCUS. Back to the paprikash.

I can share the recipe via Gojee through the usual suspects: Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and email. I post to Facebook, which snaps into a clean split-screen. I leave the compulsory gratuitous wall post, in hope that my boss sees it: “Playing around with the gorgeous new Gojee app on Windows 8.1. I love my job!”

I review the ingredients, then check off what I’m missing from my fridge (sour cream, chicken and authentic Hungarian paprika). It appears I now have a shopping list in hand.

I look at the clock and realize I have just enough time to run to the supermarket, pick up what I need, and get it started on it before my next conference call in 45 minutes. Hmmm. Darling husband and the kids would sure love a surprise.

Great idea, Gojee!

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