#ICreatedThis: Celebrating the amazing things people do with our technology

Feb 26, 2014

As a kid, one of my great joys was coming home from school to show my parents something I made. “Look what I did” is a statement whose power we all learn at a very early age. Into adulthood, our careers and personal pursuits are often driven by the need to create. Whether it’s art, invention, science, or philanthropy, it’s great to sit back, reflect on something we’ve done and say “I Created This.”

It is that spirit that we are presenting a series of posts on this blog and through our social media properties called #ICreatedThis.  The series celebrates the creations of Microsoft employees and customers.

We’ll introduce you to Microsoft employees that range from building administrators to Xbox game designers to sound effects engineers. You’ll also meet Microsoft customers doing amazing and unexpected things with Fresh Paint, Excel, and Kinect in their lives and careers. And we want your stories, too. What did you create using Microsoft products?

So join us on The Microsoft Facebook page and Twitter account to meet these inspiring creators, and share your creations using the #ICreatedThis hashtag. We can’t wait to see what you’ve made.

Rob Wolf
Microsoft News Center Staff

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