Four new Windows Phone games from AppCampus program debut at Mobile World Congress

Feb 24, 2014

From left: “Smash Heroes,” “IQ Safe” and “Muzies”

Independent developers in Microsoft’s AppCampus program create original new games and apps all the time that debut on Windows Phone, and now four of them are being featured at Mobile World Congress.

The free “Smash Heroes” game provides you with cannons, dragons and airstrikes to use in missions against Vikings, bandits and other foes as you fight to save your peaceful village. “IQ Safe” ($1.49, free trial available) is a logic puzzler that brings out your inner safe-cracker to cities around the world. “Muzies” is another free game that incorporates your music tastes while taking care of colorful little pets. You “feed” them by listening to your favorite tunes.


In the free “Bad Traffic,” you control vehicles as they rush into an intersection from all sides. You decide which ones to speed up and which ones to stop as you tap into the overseers of this situation: The guardian angel and the devil’s advocate, who rarely agree on anything but now they’ve agreed to get rid of traffic, though their methods differ. The angel will help you save cars, while the devil’s advocate prefers crash car mayhem.

Find all of these games and dozens more in the AppCampus Showcase collection.

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Athima Chansanchai
Microsoft News Center Staff

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