3 mobile apps that can help government workers do their jobs even better

Feb 10, 2014

City leaders everywhere are hearing from employees that they want mobile apps and devices that let them do work on the go, writes Gary Wachowicz, industry managing director, Worldwide Public Sector. There are three apps he recommends every city consider to help improve both government work and services for citizens: Spotfire Metrics, eBriefing and Casenot.es.

With Spotfire Metrics, you can see real-time visualizations and get insights from the data you collect. “Let’s say your city is hit with a big snowstorm,” Wachowicz writes on the Microsoft in Government Blog. “Spotfire Metrics provides a citywide dashboard to show you where the most citizen requests and complaints are coming from, so you can then send snow plows or emergency responders to the areas” where they’re most needed. The app can also be used to send alerts to citizens that help is on the way.

Another app, eBriefing, lets government workers get rid of the “10-pound briefing books” that they often need to drag to meetings by converting documents and field data into an eBook that can be accessed on Windows 8 devices. Wachowicz writes: “Your staff saves time (not to mention trees) by not having to print and compile info in a binder. And you can receive updates on the fly, so while you’re traveling to a meeting, your staff can be updating your eBook with the latest data, reports, infographics, notes, you name it.”

Finally, the Casenot.es app will “greatly enhance your services for vulnerable citizens and families. The remote version of Semitae Lite developed by the UK’s IEG4, this Windows 8 app enables field social workers to enter, view and update a citizen’s case — including action plans, support needs, assessments, timelines and more — within a single view.” The worker’s field notes automatically sync when their devices are online, “updating the case for the whole support team, even when they’re spread across multiple agencies.” Wachowicz explains that the app helps cut case managers’ assessment times “in half, saving you money and enabling them to spend more time helping citizens.”

To read more, head over to the Microsoft in Government blog.

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Suzanne Choney
Microsoft News Center Staff

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