Introducing a new hub control to present videos, images and more in Windows 8.1

Feb 6, 2014

After hearing your feedback, the Windows Apps team built a hub control that focuses on presenting different types of data – such as lists, text, videos, links and images – in separate sections.

As the Windows App Builder Blog explains, “Each data type might have a unique layout, a specific interaction model, different controls for each interaction, and widely varied data sources. The control is typically used as a landing page for the app, but can also be used in subsidiary pages as a part of the larger hierarchy. The hub control, in short, lets you build highly productive apps that are consistent with the Microsoft design language. Users can expect consistent interactions, and the experience has been fine-tuned for all input types— touch, or keyboard and mouse.”

In Windows 8, the team introduced several concepts and controls to deal with large collections of data. The XAML and HTMLListView control gave you the power to create uniform grouped lists with a single, homogeneous data source. “ListView, as the name suggests, is the control that’s optimized for presentation of information with a common data source in terms of lists, grids, and the ability to group them. However, we saw developers trying to use ListView to present different types of data — typically from different sources — using a hub pattern. As you can imagine, and perhaps as you have experienced, trying to force multiple heterogeneous data sources into a control designed for a single, homogeneous source, is difficult and time-consuming.”

So in Windows 8.1, the team found a solution for this problem with the new hub control. Get all the details about it and its sections on the Windows App Builder Blog.

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Athima Chansanchai
Microsoft News Center Staff

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