Steal a look at ‘Thief’ in new feature trailer

Feb 5, 2014

A new feature trailer for “Thief,” the action-stealth game due out Feb. 25 for Xbox 360, and Feb. 28 for Xbox One, introduces you to Garrett, the Master Thief. (That’s right, that’s “Master Thief,” not “Master Chief.”)

“Back from the shadows in a City brought to its knees by sickness and oppression, you’ll need to use all the skills and tools in your arsenal to find the truth … before your enemies find you,” writes Xbox Wire. “After all, you are a thief, not a savior, and the political affairs of the City matter much less to you than the shiny possessions of its noblest citizens.”

In the game, you use “specialized arrows to manipulate your environment in your favor, dispatch guards without a sound with your blackjack, and outsmart all the security measures in your path. Whether you are a ruthless predator or silent as a ghost, you will do everything it takes to get your hands on the most coveted treasures the City holds.”

To learn more, head over to Xbox Wire.

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Suzanne Choney
Microsoft News Center Staff

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