Microsoft researcher and Perceptive Pixel’s founder discuss design and 3D printing

Feb 5, 2014

Like two old friends swapping stories, Microsoft Research’s Bill Buxton and Jeff Han, Microsoft general manager and Perceptive Pixel founder, talk about 3D printing, design and human ingenuity in problem-solving during Wednesday’s episode of Channel 9’s ongoing series, “Microsoft Research Luminaries.”

It’s the first of four parts of the conversation between the two. Watch the video and find out how 3D printing has been around a lot longer than you think – centuries longer. You’ll also get insights about why people are “the most important technology.”

This conversation between Buxton, also the author of “Sketching User Experiences,” and Han, a pioneer in multitouch interaction, stretches out over four weekly Wednesday discussions with host Larry Larsen.

Check back over the next three weeks to view more of the conversation featured in Channel 9’s ongoing series “Microsoft Research Luminaries.”

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Athima Chansanchai
Microsoft News Center Staff

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