Wi-Fi drivers for Windows Embedded Compact 2013 are now available

Jan 30, 2014

Since the launch of Windows Embedded Compact 2013, Wi-Fi drivers have been a key requested feature. Now, according to Partha Srinivasan at the Windows Embedded Blog, “We have exciting news to share: One of our Windows Embedded Compact partners, embWise, recently announced the availability of a WLAN driver, and partner iWave systems is in the process of making Wi-Fi drivers available soon.“

The Windows Embedded Drivers Catalog website has also been updated, and includes new information on the drivers that have been developed. “In the upcoming weeks, you will be hearing more about updates on improvements to Windows Embedded Compact 2013,” Srinivasan writes. To learn more, read his post on the Windows Embedded blog.

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David Chen
Microsoft News Center Staff