Staff App Pick: Leap2

Jan 28, 2014

Each week, we bring you new app recommendations from our colleagues. This week’s Tuesday Staff App Pick comes from Chris Bernard, Partner Business Evangelist, Developer & Platform Evangelism, Microsoft.

In my role in Microsoft, I do a lot of public speaking and attend numerous live events throughout the year. One of the best tools for preparing for these events and learning about the folks I will meet and talk to is Leap2 for Windows.

Leap2 helps me search across all the same topics as my favorite search engine (Bing!) and presents that data in an easy-to-scan and user friendly format. At the same time, Leap2 also pulls in real-time search results from the Internet and social media that are relevant to where I am located.


What does this mean for me? Here’s a real-life example: I advise an accelerator in Kansas City called Pipeline entrepreneurs. This is a big time for year for them. Their current class prepares for their pitch day, while at the same time their new class is announced. Leap2 helps me understand what folks are saying about Pipeline – not just on the Web, but on Linked In, Facebook and Twitter. Often, I learn about newly discovered follows and groups that are important to me – social network data that I would never find if I limited my searches to the Web.

Leap2 is available in the Windows Store now. Be sure to check it out.

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