Word Web App adds ‘Tell Me’ to make it easier to find what you need

Jan 23, 2014

“Tell Me,” a feature which can make finding Word-related shortcuts easier, is being added to the free Word Web App, the Office Blogs reports. The feature shows up as a search box near the top of the app, and is being rolled out to users over the coming weeks, the Word Team writes on the blog.

“We all have that Word moment when we know what we want to do, but don’t quite remember how to do it. ‘How do I apply double spacing?’ ‘How do I make this page horizontal?’ … We’ve all been there and wished for an easier way to accomplish something in our document.”

Tell Me, the team writes, “understands what you’re trying to accomplish and helps you do it faster. So if I’m trying to make my document horizontal, Tell Me knows it’s the orientation feature I’m looking for.”

Other changes are underway, too, for Word Web App, which sports an even simpler and sleeker appearance now.

“With our new look, editing documents, collaborating with your colleagues and sharing your files is a seamless experience,” the team writes. “Whether it’s renaming a file or looking up your co-authors, the Web Apps make it simple and easy.”

To read more about these changes, head over to the Office Blogs.

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Suzanne Choney
Microsoft News Center Staff

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