Get your photo and video house in order with free Windows 8.1 apps

Jan 9, 2014

I have more than 1,400 photos on my phone. Some of you probably have more. This can get to be precarious stuff if it’s not managed well — or at all (gulp: guilty). But managing photos and videos by using Windows 8.1 can bring order to someone who is a “chronic hoarder,” as Amy S. writes on the Windows Experience Blog.

“This is when the Photos app comes in quite handy,” she writes. “Since I’ve connected both my PC and my phone to my Microsoft account, I can use the Photos app to sort through both the pictures I’ve saved to SkyDrive and any that I’ve imported to my PC.”

Saving photos from her phone to her cloud-based SkyDrive has been a “game-changer,” she says. “It’s allowed me to be more comfortable deleting pictures from my phone because I know I have them backed up, and to continue as the trigger-happy photographer that I love being.”

Using the Photos app, she has gone through her photos and deleted shots considered to be extras or less than memorable. And, it’s “easier to delete without fear, because the Photos app shows me full-screen images — so I can really see what kind of quality my pictures are.”

Quick touch-ups and edits to photos can be done from the app by hitting the “Edit” button in Photos. There’s also an “Auto fix” button for quick fixes, from brighter colors to a black-and-white version.

Videos can be better managed by using Movie Moments. Using this app, you can edit a clip of up to 60 seconds from any of the videos in your library, highlight the best moment with captions and even add music if you want.

To get your photo and video house in order, read the full post on the Windows Experience Blog.

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Suzanne Choney
Microsoft News Center Staff

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