Are these islands shown on Bing meant for walking in a bikini?

Nov 15, 2013

If you saw Friday’s Bing home page, you probably thought: It’s so cold and dreary outside, and that looks like such a beautiful, warm place. I want to be there. Could it be a Pacific atoll, Bora Bora, the Caribbean – or actually somewhere above the Arctic Circle?

Clicking on those handy squares will reveal that this scenic landscape is the last place you’d want to wear a bikini (or swim trunks): Norway’s Lofoten Islands

According to Visit Norway, “the official travel guide to Norway,” “Lofoten is known for excellent fishing and nature attractions, small villages off the beaten track and whale safaris.” It is an “archipelago to the west in the ocean, north of the Arctic Circle.”

While it doesn’t get super chilly during the winter – averaging about 32 degrees Fahrenheit – the warmest it gets in the summer is about 54 degrees. Brrrrr. While some folks might be comfortable wearing shorts in that kind of climate, the rest of us will be dressing in layers, thank you.

Whatever your wardrobe choices, this is a gorgeous part of the world (as this and these videos show), and thanks to Bing, it’s another place you might want to put on your bucket list.

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Athima Chansanchai
Microsoft News Center Staff