Staff App Pick: Business Insider

Nov 12, 2013

Each week, we bring you a new app recommendation from one of our colleagues. This week’s Staff App Pick comes from Sam Fetchero, partner marketing manager at Microsoft.

I was thrilled when the Business Insider app was released for Windows 8 in late October. I am an analyst, technologist and news junkie, and Business Insider is the perfect news outlet for me. It blends business and technology news, data-rich charts, and enough quirky, off-beat news to keep me entertained.

The app is well designed and takes advantage of my wide-screen Surface, allowing me to scroll horizontally to see the latest news and headlines. The app is very easy to navigate – when I pinch to zoom out, I can easily get to the section I’m looking for.

My favorite part of Business Insider, the “Chart of the Day,” doesn’t disappoint, with the fun and informative charts integrated into the articles and coming to life on my tablet.

BI Shot 1

The Business Insider App takes full advantage of Live Tiles too. I don’t have to open the app and I can still see the latest news. It also leverages Windows 8.1 Snapview capabilities, where I can scroll the headlines while multitasking – whether it’s doing work or playing a game.

BI Shot 3

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