Don’t miss any scary sightings: Bring these Windows Phone apps on your Halloween route

Oct 30, 2013

This time of year seems to be especially bountiful for opportunities to capture crazy (and cute) costumes, pumpkin patch visits and party scenes. We’ve got some new and updated photo apps from the Windows Phone Store that we think will come in handy as you memorialize the spooky and the surreal.

Nokia Camera, exclusive to Nokia Windows Phone 8 devices, combines all the best features of Nokia Pro Cam and Nokia Smart Cam into one easy-to-use app. (See the screenshot above.) If you choose auto mode, you’re just about guaranteed great shots, and it’s designed for easy access to sport and night controls. This is really helpful when the action is happening right in front of you, or if you’re out and about at night. (And on Halloween, of all nights, there should be a lot of creepy fun to capture.)


A new, trending app called Social Scene introduces us to “social time-lapse” photography. This is how it works: You take pictures at a location, then the app merges these shots with ones that others have taken at the same place, to create mini-time-lapse movies. How about getting your neighbors involved and create a cool time-lapse of your block on Halloween, from afternoon into night?


We love problem-solving apps, and TapShoot is a winner in that department. Imagine you’ve got everyone in costume together for a group shot on Halloween night, but they want you to take the shot because you’ve got such a great camera on your Nokia Lumia 1020. With TapShoot, you can still be in the photo: just tap your Windows Phone to another one – one phone becomes the camera, the other becomes the viewfinder – and TapShoot streams the group image between the two. It’ll also probably be a great conversation starter at any party, too.


And Halloween is the perfect night for, another location-based photo app like Social Scene, with a social twist. You can discover other users nearby, then pool and share everyone’s photos. So if you want to have a complete record of the Halloween party you’re heading to, make sure you download before you head out the door.


Finally, there’s SophieLens HD, which gives you filter packs for beautiful effects, along with photo overlays that let you create storyboards for sharing. And it’s super easy to use as a Lens app within your Windows Phone 8 camera. All SophieLens HD filter packs are FREE to download for a limited time – get them while you can!

Install any or all of these apps from the Windows Phone Store, and you’ll definitely make an impression with your Halloween pics this year!

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Athima Chansanchai
Microsoft News Center Staff

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