Shake and bake! Rally car race pits iPhone, Android and Windows devices against each other in testing Office 365 mobility

Oct 9, 2013

There are all kinds of ways to show how agile the Office 365 Cloud and Office Mobile are on different devices, but the creative folks over at the Office Garage Series decided to think outside the box and take their testing off-road. (Then again, these are the same folks who brought you flamenco dancing from Madrid and alligator wrestling from New Orleans, so we shouldn’t be too surprised by now at what they do!)

As host Jeremy Chapman reports on the Office 365 technology blog, in a typical rally car race, co-drivers are the chief navigators. They survey the course and write detailed pace notes which they document manually on somewhat unwieldy paper note pads (paper! Can you imagine?). The short-hand helps the driver anticipate extreme turns and describes surface conditions and obstacles ahead of time.

They took three mobile devices – an Android Phone, iPhone and Windows Phone – and used a different one to access pace notes for each of three legs. They gave the devices to novice co-driver John Case (who also happens to be corporate vice president for Office) to complete a world-class DirtFish Rally course. Luckily for Case, the main man behind the steering wheel was Bucky Lasek, a professional rally driver and world champion skater.

The video takes you on their adrenaline-fueled ride in a test that required activating roaming settings for content stored in the Office 365 Cloud and then accessing it in real-time using Office Mobile on these devices.

Watch the video above to see how the race turned out, and head on over to the Office 365 technology blog to watch the full Garage Series video (“Extreme Office 365 Mobility and Off-Road Rally Challenge using iPhone, Android, and Windows Devices”) and Chapman’s blog post.

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Athima Chansanchai
Microsoft News Center Staff

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