Staff App Pick: Allrecipes

Oct 1, 2013

Each week, we bring you a new app recommendation from one of our colleagues. This week’s Staff App Pick comes from Keith Mazzuco, a senior marketing manager at Microsoft.

I’m the primary chef in our house and variety is the spice of life for me – I love cooking up new and tasty recipes that are also healthy. However, I’ve always struggled to find a single location to both discover new recipes and save the meals that our family enjoyed.

I’ve recently started using the Allrecipes app for Windows 8 on my Surface and I was surprised how useful this app can be for finding and sorting recipes. (It’s also available in a Windows Phone version.)

Not only does Allrecipes allow me to search thousands of recipes dynamically by preferred ingredients (chicken, for example) or dietary preferences (such as low-fat) — it also allows me to store all of my favorite recipes into a single location using my Allrecipes account. And because the recipes have user ratings and feedback, I can see what others are saying about the meal before I cook it in my kitchen. I also like that the app gives me the ability to scale recipes up or down and provides the nutritional information and serving size for each meal (important for the health conscious cook).

This Allrecipes app has turned my Surface into a handy little cooking tool and recipe organizer in our kitchen.

Keith Mazzuco
Senior Marketing Manager at Microsoft

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