Learn how to build mobile business apps at Silicon Valley Code Camp

Sep 27, 2013

Cloud computing has opened doors to cool and powerful new business apps that just keep getting more impressive. The tools to build those apps are getting more impressive, too, and no one knows that more than 15-year business app developer Beth Massi, who is senior program manager for Visual Studio at Microsoft. Massi is heading to the world’s largest code camp – Silicon Valley Code Camp – on Oct. 5 – 6 to share some of her knowledge on building HTML5-based mobile business apps using Visual Studio LightSwitch and Visual Studio 2013.

Code Camp is a free, community event where developers share their knowledge with other developers.

“I’ve been speaking there for years and it’s always a well-run and very well-attended code camp,” writes Massi in a post on her MSDN blog. (The more than 3700 registered attendees serve as testament to that.)

Massi promises two demo-heavy sessions: One will focus on how to use Visual Studio LightSwitch to create modern, data-centric, line-of-business applications for the enterprise. The other will show how developers can build social, touch-centric, and cross-platform Office 365 business applications using the new Office 365 Cloud Business App project in Visual Studio 2013.

It’s not too late to join Code Camp and take advantage of more than 200 sessions from fellow developers. Take a look at Beth Massi’s blog for more info, and start packing!

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Deborah Pisano
Microsoft News Center Staff

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