Cloud power unleashed on Xbox One

Aug 27, 2013

In a video posted Tuesday, Graeme Boyd (Xbox’s Acey Bongos) discusses the power of the cloud and Xbox One with Dan Greenawalt, the creative director at Turn 10.

Greenawalt leads the charge for “Forza 5 Motorsport,” which utilizes the cloud and Xbox One to deliver a range of benefits to gamers, including: Enabling the artificial intelligence to act less like AI and more like a real person, bringing the AI closer to how real players drive; enabling a conversation between the “Forza” team and their community; the revamping of Drivatars, in which the system looks at your driving/playing behaviors, crunches numbers in the cloud, creates a profile, then builds an avatar that races for you around the world and against your friends and family.

Add to that the fact that the cloud makes it pretty much effortless for developers to hook up dedicated servers for multiplayer matches, so there’s quick pick-up and less lag, which means you can start playing very quickly.
For more information and a great infographic that highlights how Xbox One unleashes the power of the cloud, head on over to Xbox Wire.

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Jennifer Chen
Microsoft News Center Staff

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