Turn any surface into a touch screen with Ubi and the Kinect for Windows sensor

Aug 14, 2013

Ubi Interactive, a Seattle startup, provides the technology to transform any surface into an interactive touch screen. All you need is a computer running Ubi’s software, a projector and the Kinect for Windows sensor.

The Walsh Group, a general building construction organization, has taken advantage of Ubi’s solution to take client engagement to a new level. In the construction industry, building information modeling (BIM) is a critical component of presentations to clients, allowing companies like Walsh to present the functional characteristics of a facility in a digital way. But Patrick Wirtz, an innovation manager for Walsh, wanted something that would “wow” his clients, wanted them to not only see the drawings, but actually bring the buildings to life by enabling clients to explore the blueprints themselves.

After meeting with Ubi, Wirtz was convinced this was the right solution for Walsh. The company’s BIMs are now interactive 3D blueprints on the wall instead of just drawings. Clients can walk up to the blueprint and explore the building by touching and interacting with the display. Ubi’s technology has been in use at Walsh headquarters since June 2012.

It’s an affordable solution, as well. “I didn’t want to spend $10,000,” Wirtz says. “I already had a projector and a computer. All I needed to purchase was the software and a $250 Kinect for Windows sensor. With this small investment, I can now turn any surface into a touch screen. It’s a powerful piece of technology.”

For more information about Ubi and other creative ways this software can be used, check out this guest post on the Kinect for Windows blog from Anup Chathoth, co-founder and CEO of Ubi Interactive.

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Jennifer Chen
Microsoft News Center Staff