Fasten your seat belts: Gavin Gear pushes the 12K PC gaming boundary at 1.5 billion pixels per second

Jul 26, 2013

Think you’re running the ultimate gaming setup? Read Gavin Gear’s account of an amazing set of experiences he recently had pushing the boundaries of 4K multi-monitor gaming with several Sharp PN-K321 4K Ultra HD displays he had on loan. He starts with scenarios that have been tested before and then walks through an intense experience he had working out a demo with AMD to see how far they could push the hardware.

“Ever since I had my first taste of 4K resolution gaming on Windows 8 (which you can read about here) I’ve been wanting to explore some additional related scenarios,” Gear writes. “First, I was thinking it would be awesome to try 4K multi-mon gaming. Second, I wanted to see how the 4K gaming experience would change when the screen refresh rate was pushed from 30 Hz to 60 Hz. Finally, I thought it would be amazing if I could push a tri-mon 4K setup to 60 Hz. Things were about to get real interesting.”

We won’t spoil the ending. Find out what happened next.

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Steve Clarke
Microsoft News Center Staff

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