Sign the kids up for a YouthSpark Summer Camp at a Microsoft Retail Store today

Jul 12, 2013

School’s been out for a little more than three weeks now. You’ve taken the kids to the zoo, to the beach, the park and the mall. You’ve arranged play dates galore.

Still searching for an activity to help the kids use up their seemingly boundless amounts of energy? Consider bringing them to a YouthSpark Summer Camp.

“During the summer, Microsoft retail stores across the country become interactive, hands-on technology classrooms where children learn by doing. The camps, designed for kids age 8-13, offer everything from video game design to digital photography to movie making to storytelling. And I haven’t even mentioned the best part. The two-hour camps are free!” writes Elisa Willman, Senior Marketing Communications Manager at Microsoft Citizenship in blog post today.

There is still time to register for a YouthSpark Summer Camp near you. There are spots available in most stores. Read Willman’s post today over on the Microsoft Citizenship Blog and be sure to check out the YouthSpark Summer Camp Store site for more information.

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Jeff Meisner
Microsoft News Center Staff

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