Three ways to maximize your IT energy efficiency to save money — and the planet

Jun 27, 2013

Government agencies that want to reduce waste, become energy efficient and save money can now get some great tips from the Microsoft Green Blog.

Following these strategies can not only reduce an organization’s carbon footprint, but also bring down long-term operating expenses on buildings, transportation infrastructure and IT equipment.

The three tips focus on: smaller and more efficient office buildings (using IT to diagnose energy-wasting problems—and prioritizing fixes), employees who can work more remotely (using Lync and other apps to minimize commuting) and moving servers to centralized datacenters (saving energy since you can lower your building’s AC at night if you don’t have to keep server rooms cool).

Get more details from the rest of the post. Also, for a deep dive on how Microsoft used smart building technology to create the city of the future, be sure to check out 88 Acres over on the Microsoft News Center.

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Athima Chansanchai
Microsoft News Center Staff

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