Hey retailers: are you missing out on the benefits of social networking?

May 29, 2013

This week Microsoft is taking a look at social networking in the workplace. Kicking things off was a global survey that highlighted workers’ growing desire for social technology at the office.

Over at the Microsoft Vertical Industries blog, they’re exploring how retail employees responded: 

“Those in retail were more likely than people in other industries to avoid using social tools at the office because they are worried they will give the impression that they aren’t working. In addition, 45 percent of respondents said their management is concerned that employees will disclose sensitive company information through these tools. But 75 percent of retail respondents say they like using new technologies that make them more productive at work, and almost half of say they could do their job better if management was more supportive of social tools.”

Visit the Microsoft Vertical Industries blog to learn more about social tools in retail and other industries. Then head over the Microsoft News Center to learn more about the recent survey on how employees feel social tools can increase productivity and give businesses better results, read a feature story on how enterprise social technology is making the workplace flat, and check out more tips on how to start using it.

Jake Siegel
Microsoft News Center Staff

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