Your Privacy Type campaign results: Consumers concerned about privacy, but need to take action

May 13, 2013

In late April, Microsoft launched its Your Privacy Type campaign, which included a quiz asking consumers about their online privacy habits.

The quiz asked questions regarding how and where consumers access the Internet (from home? Work? A coffee shop?), which social networks they use (Facebook? Twitter? LinkedIn?) and who they’re connected to on those networks (Family? Friends? Co-workers? Celebrities?), among other questions.

“As part of the launch of the Your Privacy Type quiz, we surveyed 4,000 consumers in the U.K., France, U.S. and Germany (1,000 in each market) to gain a quantitative perspective of how they felt about privacy issues (using the same questions as our quiz online),” writes Mary Snapp, deputy general counsel at Microsoft, over on Microsoft on the Issues.

The survey revealed many interesting results, but one data point is glaring: 84 percent of those polled expressed concern about their online privacy. That particular finding was not surprising by itself, but interesting when compared to the fact that only 47 percent of the respondents were actively taking measures to protect their privacy online. There’s a wide gap between interest and action.

To see the rest of the results (brought to life in a really cool infographic), read Snapp’s post over on Microsoft on the Issues.

Jeff Meisner
Microsoft News Center Staff