Adventure photographer clicks with Surface Pro

May 6, 2013

Award-winning adventure photographer Chris Burkard used to have to wait until he returned from a trip to begin editing his photos. But with his Surface Pro, he can not only edit photos on the spot using Lightroom 4 or Photoshop, but he can travel light – a must for a globetrotting photographer.

The Surface team recently tagged along with Burkard for the day, and got to see him click into action.

“I enjoy the portability and ability to use it as a communication tool between clients and I whether it is emails or presentations or just pulling up images on the spot for them,” said Burkard, a California native who has been into photography since high school.

Visit the Surface blog to learn about how he uses his Surface Pro on the go and for more about his work, including his all-time favorite photo.

Jennifer Warnick
Microsoft News Center Staff