The Microsoft Transparency Center in Brussels

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Governments worldwide are under increased pressure to protect and defend their national IT infrastructure, their economies, and ultimately their citizens, from cyber threats. The unique security obligations they have to these citizens are being challenged by the growing opportunism of cybercriminals. To effectively and rapidly mitigate this threat, information sharing and partnerships between the public and private sectors are essential.

“We hope that this facility will help us build trust in the online world.”
Matt Thomlinson, Vice President of Security, Microsoft

The new Microsoft Transparency Center in Brussels is designed to address these complex needs. The second facility of its kind – following last year’s opening of a center in Redmond, Washington – the Center will enable governments to review and assess the source code of Microsoft products and to access important security information in a secure environment.

Access to the Transparency Center is open to participants in Microsoft’s Government Security Program (GSP), which provides governments worldwide with the information they need to evaluate the security of Microsoft products and services.

In addition to the opportunity to review source code at our Transparency Centers, the program allows participants to access important technical documentation about our products and services, as well as cybersecurity threat and vulnerability information.

The goal of the Government Security Program is to enhance a government’s ability to evaluate and protect existing systems, and to design, build, deploy and maintain more secure infrastructure. It is open to government agencies regardless of whether or not they have commercial agreements with Microsoft and participants now include 42 different agencies from 23 governments worldwide.

It is our hope that, through the Government Security Program and this newest Transparency Center, we can increase communication and collaboration between Microsoft security professionals and governmental agencies in order to develop a safe and trusted digital environment for Europe’s Digital Single Market.

For more information on the Government Security Program, email [email protected].