Protecting innovation in the cloud

Rapid advancements in cloud computing are creating new capabilities, insights and efficiencies, allowing businesses big and small to transform the way they deliver products and services. As this transformation accelerates, virtually every company in every sector of the economy is becoming in part a digital business. And as a digital business, it must master the new legal challenges that come with participation in the booming digital economy.

Linking and rethinking EU copyright: an academic perspective

Readers of this blog who have not been following the latest debates in EU copyright law may be surprised to learn that the hottest topic of the day is whether or not simply posting a hyperlink counts as a protected act. The European Court of Justice’s answer to this question has been both yes and no. In a 2014 case, Nils Svensson and Others v Retriever Sverige AB, the court … Read more »

Entrepreneurship skills and training for startups – where does IP fit?

The recent celebrations of World IP Day over the recent days are a good reminder of the ways innovation benefits society and how intellectual property helps bring innovation to market. We also frequently celebrate the valuable role of entrepreneurship to stimulate both innovation and employment, and there is an increasing emphasis on entrepreneurship education to enhance the business skills of young entrepreneurs.These two themes – IP value and entrepreneurship training … Read more »

More work needed to protect European Union from patent trolls

In less than a month, European leaders will come together to finalize the draft rules of procedure for the Unitary Patent Court. On Tuesday, a diverse cross-industry coalition of nearly 20 companies and associations urged the European Union to make further amendments to the rules to support innovation, while deterring patent trolls from entering the EU patent space.The rules of procedure are the blueprint for the Unitary Patent Court, which … Read more »

Microsoft announces industry coalition on European patent system

We are pleased to announce Microsoft’s participation in a cross-industry coalition dedicated to the creation of an effective European unitary patent system. It’s truly a unique coalition: 14 global innovators and users of the European patent system, who are in many cases fierce competitors, plus two associations representing another 25 innovative companies in the technology sector, have been working collaboratively for several months to suggest solutions that support the creation … Read more »

Careful steps toward an EU patent

The EU and, before that, the European Community, have been talking since the 1960s about the possibility of a single patent that covers its whole territory. As it stands now, only one aspect of getting a patent here is centralised: You can go to the European Patent Office and have your application examined one time rather than in multiple countries.But once you pass that hurdle, you still need to go … Read more »