Microsoft’s commitment to moving technology forward without leaving timeless values behind

The prevailing sentiment at the Internet & Social Media Law conference which took place in London this week was the importance of ensuring rules of conduct and laws for new technologies that respect timeless rights and values. There was a lot of discussion about the need to ensure that the kinds of traditional protections that we have all had, not just for years but for centuries, for information that is … Read more »

Microsoft cloud assurance – legal & regulatory compliance for cloud computing

Technological progress and regulatory & legislative progress remain out of sync.  Many in-house lawyers therefore face the difficult task of protecting their organizations from legal & regulatory risk, while helping them to take advantage of the opportunities that new technologies, such as enterprise cloud computing, offer. At Microsoft we know that we won’t succeed in empowering every person and organization on the planet to achieve more through technology, if we … Read more »

The role of the Legal & Compliance Community in shaping the future of technology

Legal and Compliance professionals have an important role to play in helping shape the future of technology and cloud computing in particular. That was highlighted at today’s 28th Global Legal ConfEx, where I had the opportunity to deliver a keynote discussing the role of the Legal and Compliance community at a time of great uncertainty. The opportunities offered by cloud computing are big, as many of us who work with … Read more »