The ability to use our platforms to empower and support others has never been greater, especially for an individual. We see people creating content every day that is changing lives, which is why we’re shining a spotlight on three creators who have made it their mission to use their talents to help build their communities. Driven by their own lived experiences, these Latina creators are leveraging their platforms to answer a calling to create relatable content that helps empower the world around them.

Investing in entrepreneurs

Latina entrepreneur and coach Andrea Casanova invests her time and energy into creating valuable content that is easily accessible for her audience and helps other entrepreneurs like her get ahead.

“My Latin identity is what makes me a great entrepreneur. As an immigrant in this country, I feel empathy, love, and appreciation for my community; I want to hold a door open for them and provide opportunities to other immigrants and minorities by hiring them in my business and investing in their success.”

Andrea shares a day in her life as a content creator and entrepreneur.

Andrea Casanova Source: Andrea Casanova

Fighting erasure

In this age of technology and oversaturated content, people are craving genuine human connection. Afro-Latina author and creator Janel Martinez recognizes the need for intersectional content that represents her community, which is why she keeps busy managing her award-winning site, Ain’t I Latina?, an external celebration of Afro-Latinx identity. In Janel’s words, “I share my story to work against the erasure that I saw in media growing up. I want my content to put Afro-Latinas at the forefront and amplify their voices.”

Janel speaks fondly of her community, “I’m grateful that people entrust me to share their stories, and I don’t take that lightly.” Urging her community to trust that their stories are worth sharing, Janel adds, “the beauty is technology facilitates our connections and amplifies our voices.” Read up on Janel’s tips for being a productive writer.

GoUSA TV/Brand USA Source: GoUSA TV/Brand USA

Protecting the family

Working mom and lifestyle expert, Marinés Duarte, knows firsthand how challenging it can be to balance family life and work, “my content motivates parents to embrace technology as a tool that helps them simplify their life and connect with their families.” She bonds with her followers, who are mostly families and working parents, by sharing invaluable advice about navigating the internet safely.

As a Latina immigrant, Marinés had to overcome her own obstacles to find success and balance. “I didn’t speak much English at first and I had to learn and grow in the corporate world and as a creator. I’m proud to be a Latina because my culture thrives on hard work, passion, and charisma; I do my work with gusto.“ Marinés shares how she stays connected while working from home.

IMG_1024 Source: Marinés Duarte

Meaningful conexiones 

Andrea, Janel, and Marinés have applied what they’ve learned on their diverse journeys as Latina women and creators to empower and inspire their communities. We are inspired by how these Latinas, and others, are committed to paying it forward.  We will continue to highlight creators like them on their quest to achieve more, reminding us that one thing is for sure: conexiones are everything.