Today we’re publishing our first annual Work Trend Index: “The Next Great Disruption is Hybrid Work—Are We Ready?” We surveyed more than 30,000 people in 31 countries, analyzed trillions of productivity and labor signals across Microsoft 365 and LinkedIn, and talked to experts who have studied collaboration, social capital, and space design at work for decades. Our research uncovered seven key trends leaders need to know now to make hybrid work, work.

When it comes to US Latinos, there are big changes needed ahead. Our research indicates that US Latino workers reported more difficulties building relationships with their direct team (18% compared to the 12% national average), feeling included (28% compared to a 20% national average), and are less likely to bring their authentic selves to work than a year ago than the broader population (24%, compared to a 17% national average). Interestingly, US Latino workers, Black and women are more likely than white workers and men to say they prefer remote work.

With nearly half (41%) of the global workforce considering leaving their employer this year, and 46 percent saying they’re likely to move because they can now work remotely, Embracing extreme flexibility will be critical in retaining and attracting the top talent, especially remote work positions, more often preferred by US Latino, women, Gen Z, and Black workers.

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