We’re merely one week away from kicking off the 2018 football season, but for the millions of fantasy football aficionados around the world, this stretch is the most exciting time of the entire calendar year: draft season.

Whether you’re playing for keeps or just for fun, the key succeeding on draft day or night is staying informed and organized. Since its inception, fantasy GMs and team owners all over the nation have looked everywhere for an edge. This season look no further than the Microsoft products and productivity tools to dominate your draft – and eventually, your league:

Excel: The original lifehack, dating back to the offline era of fantasy football, is still in use today by savvy and data-driven GMs. But if you’re better at slicing and dicing last season’s stats than spreadsheet formatting, let someone else do the heavy lifting and download one of the millions of free templates available in the application or searchable on Bing.

Fantasy football… at work?

Now, what happens from Monday to Friday from 9:00-5:00? If you’re lucky, your office has put a fantasy football league in place for the season so you and your co-workers, can openly play and enjoy the time-honored tradition of trash talk. But if your office isn’t fantasy football-friendly, keeping track of your league during crucial transaction hours could become an issue.

Whether you’re openly or secretly partaking in fantasy football at work, Microsoft free technology solutions have come to the rescue once again— this time with Microsoft Teams. This free platform allows everyone in your league to stay in touch or scheme for greatness – even during the work day – and in a non-intrusive way. With unlimited chat messages, built-in audio and video calling for individuals or groups, 10GB of team file storage, built-in Office apps such as Word, Excel etc., Microsoft Teams allows you to respond to a trade proposal – and that one from work that’s been sitting on your desk for weeks.

So, as September 6th approaches, don’t let your friends and coworkers out-draft you and ensure you all the assets (and the apps) to start your season off right!