We live in a time of both great opportunity and great responsibility. Children have access to information, entertainment and more ways to connect than ever before, but with that comes plenty of new things that parents need to worry about, even more U.S. Latino parents, since the population over-index in the use of technology.

According to a Nielsen report, in average U.S. Latinos spend more than eight hours watching online video each month—over 90 minutes longer than the average. Also, more than 30 million Latinos use smartphones as their primary means of accessing social media, considerably higher than any other ethnic group.

Summer vacations means kids at home. What a joy! But, wait. This also means kids online… Calma! Microsoft have introduced some recent features to offer greater transparency between parent and child and make it easier and safer for families to interact with technology and, each other, across devices and platforms.

  1. Have your kids at your fingertips!

With Microsoft Launcher app for Android you can have more peace of mind thanks to its features that allows you to look from your cellphone at your child’s activity across their devices – Windows 10 PCs, Xbox One devices, and cellphone.

Stay up to date on kids’ whereabouts, be aware of which apps they are using and have more control on how they navigate online.

  1. Welcome to MSN Kids!

Whether your kids are in the mood to learn about interesting people all around the globe, discover fun facts about animals, get answers to some of life’s biggest mysteries, or just sit back and enjoy hilarious videos, MSN Kids is the place for them.

The site offers age-appropriate news and features from partner publishers such as Time for Kids, Popular Science, Sports Illustrated for Kids, National Geographic, and USA TODAY. Everything child-proof!

  1. Family experiences across devices

With families today owning more personal devices than ever, including kids at increasingly younger ages, it is important to have family settings that work across devices and platforms,  allowing parents to:

These are just some of the many features that empower families with peace of mind, tools to learn, grow and, of course, have fun. So, relax and enjoy your summer!

To learn more about Microsoft Family, click here.