Big Shoulders: Vinesh Kannan, CEO & Co-Founder, Omnipointment

 |   MSFT Chicago Staff

Illinois Tech students are smart — and they’re also enterprising, as we learned in Adam Hecktman’s latest Big Shoulders.

Vinesh Kannan, Illinois Tech student, is also CEO and Co-Founder of Omnipointment, a software that aids in scheduling team meetings. Omnipointment means omnipotent appointments for your team. Their highly visual schedule merging tool means you can spend less time rounding up your teammates’ availability and more time changing the world.

On top of that, Kannan works in the civic tech space, participating at Chi Hack Night to build better tools for government. He attends nearly weekly, and finds ways to incorporate his love for education into civic tech applications. He has established his own SoQL learning group that focuses query and analysis for open government data. His dedication to digital solutions in the civic space is inspiring.

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