Hour of Code: Minecraft Tutorial Engages Nearly 1,000 Detroit Students

 |   Donna Bank-Hoglen, Operations & Community Manager, Microsoft Great Lakes Region

Computer Science Education Week was on a roll December 8 in Detroit, with an Hour of Code event at the Microsoft Technology Center. In addition to the 30 Burns Elementary students onsite, the program extended, by Skype, to over 840 more Detroit public middle schoolers.

The Detroit program was just one of many Hour of Code events around the globe featuring Microsoft’s new Minecraft Education tutorial, Hero’s Journey. The popular game provided a fun way for students to explore using code – no experience needed.

Microsoft is a proud partner of the Hour of Code program, which aims to demystify code and attract students to the field of computer science. Designed for students and educators, the program offers tutorials and activities that can be used in schools and in the community year round. Learn more at code.org.

Learn more about Microsoft’s commitment to STEM education here.