Preserving History at The Field Museum

| MSFT Chicago Staff


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Microsoft’s mission is to enable people and businesses throughout the world to realize their full potential. To drive this mission, our team in Chicago works with businesses that are empowering the city: organizations like The Field Museum, Chicago’s natural history museum.

Recently, we’ve joined the Museum to digitize its collection. With Nasuni, Microsoft Azure has helped The Field Museum host scientific records, research, thousands of hi-resolution digital image files which comprise the 30 million items in its collection. This move in digitization has aided the Museum in ensuring scalable storage space, protecting and securing its data, establish a cloud, and save time and costs related to storage.

Chicago’s Field Museum has been enlightening Chicagoans and visitors for over 100 years. The Field Museum brings focus to how exploring the past and the present can help us enable our future, and we’re happy to further this mission with the Museum as it works to preserve and update a digital record of life on Earth..

Read the published case study here.

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