Civic Chat — Networking Our Neighborhoods: Dan Gaylin, NORC

| MSFT Chicago Staff

Advisor.TV Civic Chat Networking Our Neighborhoods episode with Dan Gaylin

NORC is a global research institute that is putting data and research into the hands of the government, businesses, not-for-profit organizations, and citizens so it can be transformed into powerful information that aids in better decision-making and policy creation.

Dan Gaylin, President and CEO of NORC, explains that their research supports many initiatives, particularly education. Their research and data analysis is being used to better understand the education system in the United States and help the federal government understand the skills that are critical for the future. For example, NORC recently teamed up with The Chicago Tribune and The Joyce Foundation to study the views Chicago parents have on the quality of various Chicago Public Schools.

In Shelley Stern Grach’s latest Civic Chat: Networking Our Neighborhoods, she connects with Dan Gaylin to discuss how NORC is leverage data analysis to create empowered decision-making and policy across the globe.

Watch Shelley’s chat with Dan live on Advisor.TV.


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