Big Shoulders — Zach Borders, Civic Artworks

| Adam J. Hecktman

Adam Hecktman and Zach Borders

Businesses of all sizes have been using productivity platforms to collaborate for decades now. Further, social networking has become the de facto way that we share ideas and interests with like-minded people all over the world. Both technologies have helped people overcome traditional barriers to conversation, ideation, and planning. Civic Artworks has recognized the applicability of such platforms to community organizing and communicating with public officials. To that end, they have created a platform of their own that gives communities the tools they need to shape the future of their neighborhoods.

In my latest Big Shoulders, an web series exploring Chicago’s civic technology space and its leaders, I had the pleasure of hosting Zach Borders, the CEO and Founder of Civic ArtWorks. Zach explains how the Municipal platform empowers community members with the tools they need to fund, plan, and execute projects that impact their neighborhoods.

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