Civic Chat — Networking Our Neighborhoods: Kara Kennedy, Executive Director of Lumity

| MSFT Chicago Staff

Shelley Stern and Kara Kennedy

As a local nonprofit, Lumity reaches out to the community to help make Chicago better, one person at a time. Not only does Lumity connect other nonprofits to resources like financial planning, seminars and trainings, and more, they reach out to individuals to empower the next generation. The organization exposes Chicago’s students to STEM careers to inspire them to stay in school, find a meaningful career path, and place in a permanent job.

In Shelley Stern Grach’s latest Civic Chat: Networking Our Neighborhoods, she connects with Kara Kennedy, Executive Director of Lumity, to discuss the work Lumity is doing to empower students through STEM.

Watch Shelley’s chat with Kara live on Advisor.TV.


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