Big Shoulders: Chris O’Brien, iKeedo

| MSFT Chicago Staff

Adam Hecktman and Chris O'Brien

Aikido is a Japanese martial art that specializes in redirecting your opponent’s attack to eliminate it without harming yourself (or your opponent). Its name comprises three kanji, or characters, that unite to define Aikido as the path to unifying life energy.

  •  – ai – joining, unifying, combining, fitting
  •  – ki – spirit, energy, mood, morale
  •  –  – way, path

While Aikido may be best known thanks to Steven Seagal, one key player is bringing its philosophy to the tech sector. Chicago’s Chris O’Brien has created iKeedo, a new way to redirect negativity on the internet into creative philanthropic opportunities and more.

Adam J. Hecktman’s latest Big Shoulders explores iKeedo’s functions and the spirit of Aikido with Chris O’Brien. Watch Adam’s talk with Chris live on

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